Gorums Glorious Gang

Notes: Adventure to date (with some gaps)

 We are from the Ben Verak tribe of Orcs.

We are heading to Tremar when we catch up with a Caravan.

15 covered wagons, two half-elves, and one human (Iggy)

We pull into a campsite – large wooden palisade guarded by Dunwarian army.

We decide to go hunting for meat – (aka, keep Hakka from taking out a bar full of humans). The human, Iggy, and the half-elf ranger come with us.  The rangers find a game trail, but there are some small humanoid tracks as well – Kobolds! We continue on, and the kobalds run right at, and past us! We exchange some ranged blows, and one of them puts Hroggan to sleep. Hakah takes out the mage with a sharpened Frisbee, but the remainder keep running. Shiraka looks around to see what they are running from, and sees some movement heading in our direction. She shouts a warning before 7 skeletons march into sight. We fight. They die.  Shiraka calls upon Gorum’s aid, and the skeletons dissolve.

Am imp takes over Hakah’s (weak) mind, and gets him to attack Shiraka. He throws his Frisbee of Death, and she falls. The group brings her body back to the stockade and gets her healed.

We are told that skeletons are probably the first wave of an invasion from Armenia, so we are offered a bounty on all skeletons and undead (and kobolds). We are asked to go down south to the Shanty Town right on the coast to see if there is anything going on there.

Note from Miria (rogue): One of the merchants behaved very suspiciously, going out to “check on his wagon” right at the time of the attack.

Shiraka goes to get a healing potion from the Pelorians, as Hakah plans a “distraction” to divert the merchant’s attention. Iggy loudly starts asking if the well has been poisoned, and the guards start trying to get him to quiet down. Hakah finds an “abandoned” cart and sets it on fire. The guards now start trying to get the fire out and trying to get people to stop shouting about poison in the well.

Shiraka diverts three of the guards from the Merchant’s wagon, and Miria continues to sneak over to the wagon. Iggy summons a dire rat into the well, as the people put out the fire on the “abandoned cart. 

Miria is noticed as she approaches the wagon, but the guards are distracted as the dire rat climbs out of the well. Hakah charges the rat and attacks it. He kills it and it disappears. He is disappointed, but settles for kobald instead. We settle down for the rest of the night.

Captain Walash (Human Paladin) comes out to thank us personally. We get a token good for two healing potions. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.


The next morning, we head south toward the Shanty Town. We go for a couple of hours when we (Hakah) see some movement in the forest around us. There is a half-orc “sneaking up” behind someone waiting in the forest. As we get closer, the bad guys (orcs) open up with bows on us (Shiraka) – she takes damage (again) and comes close to going down (again). We recognize the bad guys as people from our tribe from the opposing totemic party. Hakah charges in, as does the half-elf ranger. Miria moves in, and Shiraka heals herself. Iggy’s eidolon moves up to the same orc that the half elf ranger is attacking (The Slayer) and casts grease around the slayer. The slayer falls down. Hakah attacks the barbarian and does damage. Unfortunately, the barbarian attacks back and drops Hakah (-7 hit points). The slayer attacks the half-elf ranger from prone and misses. The half-elf ranger swings and misses. The war priest heals himself. We continue the battle and take out the priest. The eidolon takes out the slayer, and Miria cuts the barbarian in half.



From the Barbarian:

Composite Long Bow (+4) – goes to the half-elf ranger (Hroggan)

Chain Mail – no magic

From Slayer:

Magical Chain Shirt – goes to Hakah

Blue Priest – 4 shots of cure moderate wounds. – goes to Iggy

Magical Rope – Hakah plays with it (use magic device 25)

Magical Tracking Device – tracking the scales that we were carrying to Tremar

From War Priest:

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds – goes to Hakah

Magical Great Axe – Goes to Saram

Banded Mail – no magic

Magic Ring of Protection +1 – Goes to Shiraka

Mundane equipment:

Backpack, belt pouch, camping equipment (rope, trail rations, flint and steel, bed rolls)


38 gold, and 32 silver – split up among party members.

Saram (Half Orc Bard) : Tall (6’10”). Looks mostly human (except for oddly long teeth), dark tan skin, blood red hair – I healed him several years ago after a battle with trogledytes. Carries an axe and a short sword. He tells stories and knows many war chants.


We continue south toward Shanty Town – we see smoke on the horizon. Looks like Shanty Town is burning down….again.



We are halfway to the village. We see what looks like a peasant hiding in the woods. Shiraka yells, “We hunt!” and Hakah takes off after the suddenly terrified fleeing man. Most of the party waits for him to return, but Shiraka yells after him, “Bring him back to us! Alive!”

Hroggan shoots down some of the game birds that the fleeing man has flushed, and Shiraka collects them. Hakah tackles the peasant and knocks him out, and then brings him back to the group.

Shiraka drops some water on him and Saram starts talking to him. The guy calms down enough to tell us all that we need to run.  He describes a scene filled with undead and one guy in the middle reanimating corpses. We let the guy go and continue south.

Hakah, Miria, and Pato are in front – Pato hears something from in front, some sort of jangling chain or armor. Around the corner comes three “dogs” followed by a skeleton. Hroggan shoots one of the dogs and scores a solid hit. The dog does not react at all to the hit.

The half-elven ranger thinks that these are death dogs – undead wolves. We take out one, but the other two approach toward Hakah. He attacks one and misses, Shiraka channels energy, and Iggy drops grease in front of them. Pato moves in from the back, and gets hit by the chain – Pato goes down! Up in the trees near us, an imp cackles and breathes a noxious gas at Hakah, Shiraka, and Hroggan. Shiraka and Hakah pass, but Hroggan is sickened.

We continue to battle the three dogs, the skeleton, and the imp. The skeleton slips on the grease and falls down. The imp gets tired of getting caught with the positive energy that Shiraka was sending out, grabs the amulet around his neck, and the skeleton explodes. The amulet had a skull on it with glowing red eyes. Shiraka and Sarum both recognize the amulet as one from the God Zyphus (accidental death, graveyards, and tragedies – chaotic neutral).

Hakah picks up the (faintly) magical chain and starts to play with it.  We find a place to camp off the path up by a stream. Sarum studies his axe and finds the name “Grog” inscribed on it. Based on the history that he knows of with an adventurer named Grog, and he’s pretty sure this is a Magical Axe + 1.

The night passes uneventfully.

The next morning, we see more smoke coming from the area of Shanty Town, and movement in the trees coming toward us – it looks like someone is cutting down the trees! We also see smoke coming from the area of the fort. We become concerned that the person who is going to pay us might be in danger, so we come back to save him. We also figure that the undead will be coming to get us, so we may as well meet them from the defenses of the fort. We get closer to the fort – all day there have been no birds or animals anywhere around us.  As we get close to the fort, we see a large pile of carts and skeletal bodies burning outside the fort. The walls are scorched and repaired, and the Dunwarian soldiers are manning the walls. They question us, and we assure them that we are not undead. They let us in, and we ask for our bounty. We share stories with one of the guards – he tells us that 10 skeletons were released from the back of the suspected cart and they started attacking people. Then the merchant drove the cart next to the wall and it exploded. It didn’t take out the wall, but there was something that made the fire spread more than usual. In the fort there are about 100 people – all of them are mobilizing for fighting.

We decide to leave the fort and circle around and flank the army. Iggy gets a spectacular perception, and reveals the following:

There are about 150 skeletons and zombies, then a few big skeletons, and some dark shapes moving around on the outskirts of the army. At the rear of the army, protected by a squad, is a cart with a caldron in it – Hakah remembers some stories about the caldron where it had incredible necromantic powers. It could create the exploding skeletons by dipping a zombie in the caldron. It can be neutralized temporarily by putting salt water in it, but it can be disenchanted by putting holy water in it.

The squad around the cart is comprised of a std group of undead- 4 archers, 4 pikemen, and two zombies with clubs. There are 11 groups. There is a guy in the middle of the army riding a nightmare He looks human except for his glowing red eyes. He has a circlet made of human fingerbones. There are draugar commanding the undead squads. Draugar look like intelligent zombies. They can channel negative energy into their weapons, and can remove levels with a hit.



The army is flanked by undead wolves that we have run into before. We fall back to let the wolves pass by.

The cart is pulled by two skeleton horses and has two ogre skeletons marching next to it.

We fall back about a quarter of a mile and set up a retreat in a tree. One of the rangers keeps an eye on the sky as we set up a platform and a knotted rope 15 feet up in the tree.


Here is our plan:

Rangers will shoot arrows into cart driver and draugar. Hakah and Shiraka will be making a ruckus attracting the attention of the army. Pato, hiding from undead, will sneak around the other side and bring the container of salt water to the cauldron and dump the water into it with Iggy’s mage hand. Then, we run away.


Our scouts get close to the battlezone, and they see that the necromancer in the center of the army is holding a black “staff” above his head, controlling a massive skeletal giant currently inside the fort. The cart is at the rear of the action. Pato makes his delivery, and we start shooting. We take out the cart driver, and the archers start targeting the dog-creatures. The caldron stops glowing, and all of the enhanced skeletons collapse. We start to retreat along the road, with the archers shooting dogs as we go.

We take out dogs one at a time, and then take out the archers. Meanwhile, the fort has been doing well against the undead army, and the undead army start routing….toward us. We fade into the woods as the army runs past us.

We circle back around and approach the fort. The soldiers are smashing the skeletons that collapsed when we took out the cauldron. Hakah starts helping them smash while Shiraka goes to the fort. She starts helping triaging and stabilizing the wounded. Iggy starts looking for loot on the dead soliders.

We ask the captain for a reward for all of the skeletons. He gives us his personal money pouch, and we give him a receipt.

43 gold, 5 Platinum, and 33 Silver – divided amongst party members



We are heading south toward the shanty town, Parn.  Mira and Pato go ahead scouting along a brook and find the undead fortifying the town.  Every 30 feet there is an undead zombie or skeleton, and every other one (mostly the skeletons) are cutting down trees. There are small floating heads floating over the undead, keeping a watch out.

None of the structures here look particularly permanent. Couple of stone buildings, but mostly wooded structures.

Iggy gets this report from Pato, and we decide to follow their path along the brook to join up with them.

We decide to go into the town on a brief reconnoiter with all of us under “Hide from Undead”. We’re being stealthy just on general principles. We get to a hole in the palisade, and look through. We see some burned out wooden buildings, and the backside of a stone building. There are scorch marks coming from the windows on the second floor of the stone building, but there are no doors on the side we are looking at. We move through the hole in the palisade, and see a door further down on the side of the building. We go to the door, which has been smashed in, and move into the first part of the building. We find a small stamp (like for bills of lading or customs) that detects as very faintly magical, so we take it.

We go up the stairs to a large attic. There are some bloody remains, and a door that leads out to a bridge to the roof of the next building. The rogue sneaks over to a double door that looks out over the wharf and peeks out. She can see some sunken ships and burnt out buildings, and she can see some people. They are wearing red armor and are carrying spears. Several have bows. There are six of them down there, by the collapsed tower. They don’t look like Armenians. 

We go down to the basement. Mira picks the lock and checks for traps, but finds nothing.  We go into the room and find 40 bodies and two doors. The room is very chilly, and we find a silver block in the middle of each wall with a glyph on it. Shiraka starts to pry out the blocks, while Hakah and the ranger go upstairs to get some oil to burn the bodies. Mira goes to listen at the doors, and hears chanting on the other side of one of the doors. On the other side of the second door, there is no sound, so Mira unlocks it and opens it. It opens into a hallway. We start to explore. Mira finds a small chapel with a jade statue of a squid-like Creature. I know that this chapel is dedicated to one of the Elder Gods, a very evil bad thing. I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to burn this place too. There are blood remains from previous sacrifices, and a silver bowl for blood collection. We take the bowl and the magical candelabras on each side of the altar and the jade statue. We light the oil that burns the bodies and evacuate from the city, leaving it burning behind us.

We head off to the big city, Lomar, avoiding the Palisade as we head north.

Cadelabras are dedicated to a certain god, and clerics whose alignments match that of the god for whom the candelabras are dedicated get bonuses if they smell the incense that is burning. If the cleric of that god smells the incense for four hours, they can cast a gate spell.

We spend the night and the next day in our treehouse, leaving the next night to move around the palisade, and go on toward Lomar. The road is well travelled and well patrolled. The ranger finds our path through the woods for a day as we avoid the fort and get back to the road. We start to see more signs of animal life and birds as we get away from the path of the undead.

We avoid a couple of Dunwarian patrols, and we approach an inn. We set up camp nearby, and Iggy and the ranger go into the inn to try to sell them some ice. Iggy and Hrogen go into the inn and get an ale Iggy talks to the innkeeper about trading the ice for a wagon. We build up the trade to be the following:

We give them a chill stone for a) a horse and wagon and b) unlimited use of their inn in the future. We have a chit that is good for up to 8 people at any time for room and board at the inn (within reason).

We continue on that night with the wagon and horses. We are attacked in the middle of the night by two bat-like creatures with no faces. They swoop down on us and start attacking Hakah and the ranger. They grab Hakah and carry him into the air, tickling him as they go. He attacks the one carrying him. Iggy summons an eagle and it starts attacking one of them. He casts grease on himself, and calms the horses. One of the bat-creatures attacks Iggy but slides off. It moves on to attack Lor Kelvril and nearly takes him out. We finally defeat the creatures and they dissolve into goo.

These creatures remind me of some stories: some of the elder ones are served by faceless, flying creatures who tickled their foes as they carried them into the sky. We are thinking that the Jade Statue may be drawing the attention of its God, so we try shielding the statue by freezing it in a block of holy water.

We pass an army moving in the opposite direction of our travel. They ask us for any information we have regarding the “troubles” to the West. We pass off all information regarding the undead, including the caldron, the layout of the town, the floating heads, and the red and black ships in the harbor.


We are still a good ways away from Lomar. It will take a week of further travel to get there, with inns every 15 to 20 miles. We still have 3 chill stones left. The road is getting more and more crowded with farmers going to Lomar for protection.  We threaten a farmer with intended rustling, and he keeps his sheep out of our way. There are patrols every hour or so.

We get to the inn and are met by a minor functionary. We tell him who we are and where we are going. He points us to a campsite on the northern edge. We barter some ice for some mutton, and sit down to dinner with some farmers. Rumors and drink are flowing.

Mira tells us about Lomar: Lomar is one of the largest cities in the world.  It is built on a river on a caldera of an extinct volcano, in a series of circles. Once you get into Lomar, you can go out into the ocean or go up river to the center of the continent.  One side of Lomar borders a marsh, which is where the tanneries are located.

The night passes uneventfully. We head to Lomar with the following tasks:

<u>Forts / Regular Merchants:</u>

Sell the non-magical armor and equipment.

<u>Thieves Guild:</u>

Sell the jade statue, silver bowl, and candelabras.

Sell chill stones.


Toward noon, we see a small road leaving the main road toward a fort. We go to the fort to sell our spare equipment. We get 150 gp for the banded mail, 75 gp for the chain mail, and 10 gp for the short swords (2).

Total: 235 gp à 39 gp each

We are camped by the edge of the city with Lor Kevril on watch, when 4 demon-things attack. One swipes Lor in a fly-by attack, and another lands by him and tries to fly off with him, knocking him down to 4 hit points.

Another attacks Hakah who is sleeping on top of the wagon, and another attacks Shiraka.  Lor Kevril tries to attack the one holding him with a falchion, but misses. It launches into the air and goes up 30 ft, when it starts to tickle him. One grabs Mira with two claws, and the one attacking Shiraka also gets a second claw in her, and Hakah is also grappled. Shiraka does a healing burst, healing everyone around her for 14 hit points. We start fighting, with very little effect, except for Hakah. The one holding Lor Kevril 30 ft in the air drops him (doing 14 points of damage), and then lands on him with both claws doing an additional 12 points. The demons carrying Hakah, Mira, and I take off 30 ft into the air, and I do another healing surge (8 points). Hakah attacks his demon, and falls back to the cart. Mira squirms free and falls 30 feet, taking 11 pts of damage. Lor Kevril tries to crawl away, but the demon over him attacks again for 2 points of damage, knocking him unconscious again. Pato kills one, and the demon holding Shiraka goes another 30 ft higher. She casts Protection from Evil, and the demon drops her. She falls 60 feet, taking 28 points of damage. Hrogan shoots and misses, but Hakah kills the one attacking him.  The one which grabbed Shiraka moves to attack Hrogan. With Orc Ferocity, she heals herself and everyone around her for 10 points.  Hakah attacks the one attacking Mira and kills it. The rest of us surround the last demon, and Pato kills it.

The guards finally arrive, and Hakah responds to them threateningly. Iggy talks them down, and Hakah chills as well. The guard in charge asks if we know what happened. Iggy says that the demons came to attack the sheep (next door to us), but that we held off the attack to protect the sheet. 10 guards stay behind to give us “additional protection”.

We move on to the city, passing through a village, and finding an inn at about late afternoon. We decide to camp out in an open place, but nothing comes at us that night. We continue on, seeing more refugees as we go toward Lomar. We camp out again, and wake at midnight, tying ourselves to the wagon. We see a shimmering from the wagon, from about the area where the idol is, and the shimmering is mirrored in the clouds. We see 6 of them start to fly in, and LorKevril shoots at one, and Hrogan misses one. The demons attack, and battle begins. We get a pre-round with the archers, and Shiraka casts Prot from Evil on herself. Iggy puts grease on Mira, and Shiraka casts Prot from Evil on Hrogan.  Iggy puts grease on Hakah, and Shiraka heals everyone for 3.  The pattern continues. Most continue to battle, while Shiraka and Iggy casts spells healing and defending their comrades.

We are successful. The next day, we get on the road, and the roads are getting wider and more packed down, but they also have more signs of civilization (patrols, buildings, etc.). In the late afternoon, we get close to an inn. We decide to camp out close to a group of soldiers, and we buy them a keg of ale, to make friends with them.  The night passes uneventfully. The morning comes, and we head out again.

By the end of the day, we can see Lomar in the distance – we will be there tomorrow.  We decide to head to a fort for the night.

We go into the fort – it’s not as crowded as the forts further out, but it is bustling with active guards. We decide to stay with our wagon and goods in the stable. This time, as the glow starts with a barely discernable shimmer, Shiraka hits it with a Protection vs. Evil, and the shimmer stops. Nothing happens for the rest of the night, and then we get to Lomar!

It is early afternoon, and we are entering the Northern gate of the city. This is where the bulk of the agricultural trade happens – there are large open market areas for grain trading, etc.

Lomar has a total of 11 hills surrounding a large (very polluted) lake. Each hill is ruled by a lord, with the affluence of the people rising with their altitude. The orcs disguise themselves (Hakah has a pointy hat with moons and stars, and Shiraka has a false beard) while Mira goes to talk with her Thieves Guild contact with her brother and Iggy. They go to the Greedy Cat Inn, where Evan (her contact) is “holding court”.  They talk about the chill stones, the statue, the candelabras, and the bowl.

We get 66 gem stones (100 gp each) for the chill stones, and 500 gem stones (100 gp each) for the statue and candelabras.


Total Gems: 566

              -1 as tip to contact

              -1 as fee to contact for bringing us to mage

              -1 for the Rope Trick (+ 40 gold)

              -24 for the teleport spell

              -1 as tip for Mage guild

Where should we go?

              Loftmar (Boston) – college city – avoid Loftmar

Dunwar City (like Washington DC) as well as Lomar City (New York City) – heavily policed

Tillian – smallish port city

How do we want to get there? Teleport?

              Gnome contact? – cast Rope Trick to hide us while other preparations are being made.

  • Problem: the gnome lives in the bogs, and it’s going to take us a long time to get there.

There is probably a temple for at least one of the Travel gods on Temple Hill.

We pay our contact one gem to take us to a mage who can teleport us. We head off, but creepy, disturbing sounds start following us and coming out around us. We start running and the city get quieter (except for the creepy noises) and darker. An amorphous, gaseous form comes up from the street ahead of us and takes a solid-ish shape – humanoid faces and body parts are roiling through the shape. Mira and Lor Kevril run past on either side of the mass, and Hakah and Shiraka charge right past it, followed by Iggy, Hrogan, and the bard. A smaller version of it comes out of the ally to Hrogan, but fails when it tries to attack. Big Nasty tries to attack, but the Protection from Evil spell that has been cast on Shiraka, Hakah, Saram, and Iggy foils the attack. Hakah moves from the big nasty to the smaller version to allow Hrogan to escape. Big Nasty sinks into the earth, and Hakah and Shiraka start up to catch up to the rest of the party. Lor Kevril tells the guards about the nasty things behind us, and they start mobilizing the guard. They allow us through the gate to Guild Hill and one of the guards (Sargent Teln) questions us about where we are staying, who we are, and what we saw. He then lets us go.

Our contact brings us to an estate, where we meet up with an old man who has obviously just been woken up.

He casts a Rope Trick for us in the back yard. In the morning, we will be teleported to Tillian using Greater Teleport.  In the rope trick, we decide to go to Dunwar City instead of Trillian.

We arrive, and the mage in the guild house suggests an inn. We go there and spend a day “retrieving” the gems. The innkeeper suggests an armory shop, run by Clem, and we head over.

We divide the remaining gems out – 76 for each of us with 6 left over. We shop and shop and shop in this little store and spend most of the gems. We stop by the temple of Pelor and return the holy symbol of Pelor. In return, we get 4 cure light wounds and a blue priest potion (5 doses of Cure Moderate Wounds). We tithe two of the gems there. The party kitty still has 4 gems.

We leave the city and cross the bridge. We find Arum, Clem’s brother in law, who sells horses. Lor Kevril buys a horse. The rest of us mock him. We go to a nearby inn called the “Naked Hare” and rent some rooms for the night. We go exchange the rest of our gems for other denominatons, and then come back for dinner.

Our bard tells some Gorum stories and then stops. We go to bed and nothing happens that night.

When we are having breakfast the next day, the barkeep asks us for help. There is a dead Halfling upstairs, with a bite mark in her neck. The barkeep asks if we can take care of it, and we agree. We take it out into the woods beyond the city, cut off its head, and bury it. We go back to the inn and hold a “religious observance” to sort of sanctify the place, and hang some holy symbols of Gorum on the entrances. Yay!

We go back to Clem, and ask if he’s got any work for us. He says, “Yep! I need a sword “recovered”. It’s an adamantine bastard sword in the possession of a lieutenant colonel who doesn’t know what it has. Clem mentions that the sword “might” have a strong necromantic aura.

We come up with a cunning plan. The orcs will get in a drunken brawl outside the manor, drawing out the guards, and the half elves will go in, disguised as peasants.  The half-elves go to scout the place and hang out for a few hours (from 3pm to 9pm). They see that the guards are switched out at 5pm . A courier rides in in the afternoon, and then leaves after an hour. They go to look at the cliff at the back of the manor. It’s very sheer, and 50ft high.



Clem will be able to make the replica in a couple of days. We go back to the Naked Hare and set up residence for the next few days. We start making plans – The orcs will be fighting out in the front yard, while the rogue and ranger will climb the house into the second floor. Pato will be going will them. Iggy will be with the orcs. We buy some oil, ale, bags, and 25 feet of magic rope at the general store.

We send out the elves to keep an eye on the manor to keep track of people coming and going. They hide out in the trees until about mid-afternoon. At that point, a tall red-headed man wearing plate with a great sword on a war horse rides out with 5 other men. His uniform denotes the rank of lieutenant colonel, and two of the men riding with him are captains.  Looks like the man of the house has left.

There is a pack of guard dogs as well as one elven dog, called a “Cushi”. They have better sight and hearing, but still have animal intelligence. Also, they tend to be very alert and responsive. They are skilled fighters. They are prized by nobles because they are very easy to train and harder to distract than regular dogs.

When the elves get back, we all go to Clem’s shop to ask about the id of the man we saw leaving. Sounds like it’s the noble we are looking for! Clem says he has the replica that we need, so we are ready to go. He says that he will give us a bonus if we can get through this without killing anyone. We make arrangements to have a boat at the base of the cliff from 7pm to midnight.

We collect a bunch of feral dogs (10 in sacks). Iggy needs to bluff his way past a guardsman once, but generally we have no trouble. We bring the dogs out to the woods by the manor house. Around dusk, we start approaching the house. The elves and Iggy peel off to the side to approach the house from the back. 

 They see four guards at the gate: two are alert and two are making out. The pack of dogs are hanging around the sheep pen. There are lights on at the shepherd’s house and on the first floor of the manor, but no lights in evidence anywhere else. Plan: the elves and Iggy are on the side of the gate away from the shepherd’s house, and the half orcs are on the other side of the gate. Iggy will summon a goblin dog and send it after the pack by the sheep pen. When the orcs see the goblin dog, they will release the feral dogs to add to the mayhem.

Chaos erupts as predicted. The half-orcs charge after the feral dogs as they head toward the sheep pen. One of the guards from the gate engages Shiraka, who explains that we are hunting the monster who has just invaded their land. Hakah gets to the sheep pen and jumps in.  The elvish dog is tearing the goblin dog apart. 15 seconds later, the elvish dog kills the goblin dog. The half orcs are sowing confusion and chaos among the guards. The elves get to the base of the house (after Iggy falls down the hill once and uses the Vanish spell), and send the magic rope up the wall. Iggy sends another goblin dog in the direction of the half orcs.  When it appears, Hakah shouts, “Monster” and runs after it. After a few rounds, Shiraka follows, bringing guards with her.

Iggy summons Pato to climb to the top with the elves. When he summons Pato, the Goblin dog disappears, and Hakah takes out the elvish dog. He then scares away the feral dog pack and they run off into the woods (again). When Shiraka and the guards appear, Shiraka yells, “Oh no! The monster killed your dog! So sorry. Let’s go hunt the monster!” The various packs of dogs running around the estate are making enough noise to attract the attention of the guards, so they all run off into the woods with Shiraka.

The ranger tries climbing out on a rope to get around the locked magic gate, but falls down onto the garden patio outside two bedrooms (empty). The rogue gets outside the library door on the patio – she can see the sword through the door! She tries to disable the magic lock, but fails. The door opens, and all the lights come on. An elegant voices asks, “What is the password?” and the six statues start to move. She tries to bluff the password (“Swordfish?”) but the alarms start blaring.

Pato tries to rush in. The statues start swinging at him, and it rapidly becomes clear that there is no way to pull this off successfully. Pato runs into the room and takes a couple of hits, but runs to the far side of the room, knocking things off as he goes. Iggy summons a pony onto the roof-balcony where the guards are figuring out that something is happening in the library. It successfully distracts them. “A pony? What??”

The rogue goes in and quietly trips while trying to sneak in behind the statues that are chasing Pato.  Pato tries to jump up on the mantle, but fails. He backs into a corner, and is surrounded by the warrior statues. The rogue runs into the room, grabs the sword, drops the fake one, and starts to flee. Iggy summons another goblin dog to take the place of the poor slaughtered pony, further distracting the guards. The rogue runs out of the room and jumps downs to the patio with the ranger. They both jump off the cliff into the water. Iggy runs away. Anywhere, as long as it’s “away”.

Lor Kevril and Mira see a boat with a hooded light, and they start swimming toward it. A wave comes up out of the water and grabs Mira. It doesn’t get a good hold on her, though, and she escapes the hold that time. Lor Kevril gets to the boat, and the fisherman starts hauling him in. Two crossbow bolts fire down on them – one kills the fisherman (crit head shot. Oops!), and the other hits Lor Kevril for 9 pts.

Lor Kevril climbs on the boat and grabs the magic rope that Mira has been holding out. The water elemental grabs Mira and start pulling her down. Lor K and the water elemental are in a tug of war over Mira. Lord K gets hit with another crossbow bolt, but moves the boat closer to Mira. Mira pulls away from the elemental and grabs the boat. She tries to push the boat by kicking, while holding on to the gunwale. Between the two of them, they get the boat away from the buoy. With one successful survival roll, he manages to get the boat out of the range of the light of the buoy. They row away.

The half orcs are impressed into the Noble’s guards’ service and run into the manor, just as the elves get away. The elves sink the boat and get back to the inn. They sneak in the back of the inn and get up to their rooms with no one the wiser – it looks like they’ve been there all night! (Establishing their alibi)

The next day, Lor K, Iggy, Hroggan, and Mira go to tell Clem that we got the sword. He agrees to go back to the inn with them.  He verifies that the sword is real, and we all go back to his store. We get paid! (1300 in gems each, + 200 in party kitty)

There is an Ogre tribe to the north east in the Iron Hills. The shaman of the tribe has an amulet that is desired by one of Clem’s contacts. The amulet is not as valuable as the sword, so the pay is less, but we can kill all the ogres we want. (Ummm…Yay?) The amulet is a chuck of onyx on a silver chain. It has whorls and designs etched on it. He will pay us 4200 gold for the job (700 gp each).

Shiraka does a survival roll (55!!) and actually knows this tribe well. Ogres are lazy and not very intelligent. They use clubs and javelins. She also knows that there are 12 ogres in this tribe, led by a shaman. They worship Haggakal, the offspring of an evil god and a giant. He’s all about strength and virility. He is a chaotic evil god.


She also knows that ogre tribes are inbred and hostile. Last she knew, the leader of the tribe was a female named Zakur who rules with her two primary lovers. Grurog is the priest. The tribe lives in an old fort in the middle of a bog. They live in the caverns under the fort. Possible plans:

  1. Observe and see if they come out for foraging
  2. Kill one and leave a message on it, indicating that Zakur is planning to supplant Grurog
  3. Sow dissension into the tribe, and then come in to “help”

We get some maps of the bog and environment from Clem, and then Iggy and Lor Kevril go to the library to get blueprints of the fort. The rest of us go to talk to the captain of the guard to talk about the bounty on Ogre heads. We will say that we will go clean out the pests in the area so other people can move back to the fort.  

 Iggy finds out the following:

The nearest town, Kelst, was destroyed by the ogres. It was a human town that was a major trading post with the dwarves, and was ruled by a major mage. For that reason, the dwarves are willing to pay a reward to anyone who cleans out the Ogres. The librarian tells him a long and detailed history of the area and then shows him some maps of the outpost. She also tells him that the Ogres mainly eat the local saurian (lizard folk) population. Another librarian who knows more about lizard men is available as well. He says that the lizardmen really like non-rusting metal gear (bronze), and in return, they trade rare swamp herbs or old archaeological artifacts. Iggy is told about Captain Jacob, who is one of the biggest traders with the lizardmen. He may agree to help us (boats, etc.) if we bribe him.  The original librarian confirms that there are no other entries to the caverns other than some air holes.

Saram and Shiraka meet with the captain of the guard about the ogres. He confirms that there is a bounty of 50gp per head from the Dunwarian guard, but the dwarves will be 300gp to remove all the ogres. The Captain will check with the dwarves to see if the reward is still active and get back to us tomorrow.

We get back together and come up with a plan of attack:

  1. Meet with Jacob (guy who trades with Lizardmen)
  2. Purchase stuff

    • Bronze weapons (20 daggers and 10 tridents) – 100 gp from party kitty
    • Elven wine (100gp – party kitty)
    • Wand of enlarge person (16 charges, 2 minutes / charge – 480gp)
    • Barrels of Rotgot (2 barrels at 3gp each)
    • Flat boat / barge / skiff (100gp – party kitty)
    • 6 Cure Light Wounds potions (60gp each)
  3. Scout area of Kelst
  4. Approach Saurians as potential allies against Ogres.

We leave on the morning of the third day. Captain Jacob’s boat is called the “River Otter”. The journey takes about a day. We start on the Dunwar River, and then go up the Kelnar to the bar. We anchor at the bog, and the Captain says that the lizardfolk will be here soon.

The lizardfolk arrive and start talking to the Captain. He tells them about us, and they agree to talk. Hakah, being the only one of us who speaks Draconic, tells them that we want to speak to their leader. He tells them that we are planning on killing the Ogres, and they become very interested in talking to us.

We speak to the leader of the lizardfolk tribe. He says that they don’t have many encounters with the Ogres, being too far south, but the Sleestack tribe is closer and is more affected by them. The Sleestacks are more hostile to outsiders, but this tribe can negotiate for us to allow safe passage. We trade 5 tridents and 5 daggers for a poison (Swamp Seer – DC 18, Wisdom damage) that we put into a small barrel of alcohol probably destined for the leadership, and we hope that the rest of the Ogres will be slower to respond due to the Rotgut.

We get in our skiff and Captain Jacob goes away. The lizardfolk brings us to the edge of the river and brings a member of the Sleestack tribe to us. We ask for safe passage to fight the ogres. He agrees, and then asks what we have to offer in order to get the lizardfolk to help. We show the rest of the weapons, and he offers 5 Sleestack warriors in return.

We camp, with single person watches. The half orc ranger notices the sounds of insects and sees large insect-like things with two pairs of bat wings flying in from the swamp.  The stirges attack, and we wake up. They bite us, we swing at them, Shiraka heals. It’s an amazing adventure.

We spend the next day chilling, healing, and regaining Con points. It’s all good.

The third day, we go with the Sleestacks to the Ogre territory. The rangers and mage are in the trees around the ambush site, and we have 5 lizardfolk warriors with us. Three ogres approach, trying (and failing) to be sneaky. Hroggan takes a shot, followed by the elven ranger. Hakah gets enlarged by Iggy and hits one as it charges with his glaive. Shiraka casts Bless, and Saram starts singing. Pato jumps down off the tree onto one ogre as it dies with Lor Kelvrin’s arrow in its skull. Hakah rages and hits one ogre twice and nearly takes off its head with two hits (33hps!). Pato flanks one of the ogres and attacks (and misses), but gets hit for 19pts. Shiraka heals 30 ft, and Saram casts a ghost sound of 12 barbarian orcs raging behind the last two. One of the two breaks and runs, but is taken down by Hroggan and Lor Kelvrin. The other one pounds on Hakah, but Hakah almost tears him in half (39 points!) Pato comes in for the final killing point, and the ogres are dead. We take the three heads and search the bodies.  They all have size large hide armor and great clubs. (Worthless!) They have 16 gp and 30 sp, and 120 cp (all headed to the party kitty).

So, clearly we need better tactics. We’ll come up with something for the next wave of ogres!


We butcher the bodies for the Sleestack, and throw the remains into the water, and clear the scene of damage / battle traces. We need to rest. We’re heading toward “Stirge Island” for resting. We put up mosquito netting and set up camp.

We settle in about mid-afternoon, and nothing happens for the entire day / night. Lor Kevril summons a constrictor as an animal companion. Saram wanders off to visit the Lizard King’s library.

At about third watch, Lor Kevril and Mira are on watch when they see bright balls of light flitting about in the bog. They wait for a while, and eventually the lights go away.

Morning comes, and we do a reconnaissance mission. The Sleestack pull our skiff through the water to the place where we encountered the Ogres. Hroggan does some tracking and sees evidence of an ogre that came through this area. This ogre had hobnailed boots and was moving stealthily. It was also slightly smaller than the other three that we fought. The tracks do not go through the battle site, so it looks like this ogre did not find it.  Hroggan keeps tracking the Ogre, past a quicksand pit and up into the woods to a road. The road leads into a hilly area, in the foothills away from the edge of the swamp. The environs is temperate forest, and the tracks look like they are heading back toward the fortress.

We follow the path back to the Willow tree by the edge of the swamp to where the lizard folk were waiting, and then following the game trail back to the Ogres’ keep the other way.

Near the base of the hill that the keep is built on is an overgrown field. Our plan is to have some bait (Hakah, Shiraka, and some summoned ponies) run across the field, be seen by the Ogre guards, and then run into the woods where the rest of the party will be waiting in ambush. The lizardmen will have a back-up area for us to retreat to, if too many ogres take the bait.

It’s getting too late in the day to set everything up, so we decide to move the ambush to the next day. Over the night, we will try to take out a few hunters as they go out gathering food.


We set up, and four ogres come out of the wood. Hakah gets enlarged and Shiraka casts Prot from Evil on him. Hroggan shoots one of the ogres, Hakah hits it with his Chakram, and Lor Kelvirl casts entangle on the ground in front of Hakah, getting three of the four ogres. A hidden ogre comes up from behind Lor Kevril and backstabs him for 30 points of damage. Hroggan shoots one of the ogres again, and Lor Kevril runs away from his attacker. Iggy casts Haste on Shiraka, Haka, Pato, and one of the lizard men.  Mira shoots at the sneaky ogre and backs off. The one original ogre that is not entangled charges in, and Hakah hits him twice with his glaive. Shiraka channels wrath / battle energy giving everyone +1 to damage and +1 to all critical confirmation rolls. She then channels positive energy, healing Lor for 11 points.  Finally, she casts Spiritual Weapon on the sneaky ogre, but it misses. The lizardmen fire their blow guns at the ogres, and the one that Hakah damaged goes down from the poison that the lizardmen inflicted. The sneaky ogre lobs a wasps’ nest at Hakah, and hits him squarely, unleashing a swarm of wasps onto Hakah. Hakah charges the sneaky ogre and hits him with his glaive. Hroggan fires at the wounded entangled ogre and takes it down.  Lor shoots at another entangled ogre and hits him for 7 points. Pato comes around and flanks the sneaky ogre and attacks. Iggy shoots the newly wounded entangled ogre and hits him twice.  Mira charges and hits the sneaky ogre. Shiraka comes in and heals Hakah, and hits the sneaky ogre with her spiritual weapon. The sneaky ogre withdraws, with the spiritual weapon following along. Hakah takes down one of the two entangled ogres, and Hroggan and Lor take shots at the second one. Pato chases down the fleeing sneaky ogre and takes him down. The surviving ogre hits Hakah, and then he gets taken down by Shiraka’s spiritual weapon. Shiraka heals every one for 9 points. Hakah then sets himself on fire to get rid of the swarm, and drops. Shiraka heals him for another 16 hp.

We take the heads from all five ogres.

262 gp in party kitty.

There are magical items: magical studded leather armor (+1)

Masterwork great club

Potions: 1 faint illusion, 1 medium conjuration,

One feather with a tree engraved on it.

We wait for Midnight (so Shiraka can get spells / healing back) and then head back toward ambush site near castle. We set up the “Pony Gambit” as previously described. Hakah and Shiraka are deep in the woods, where the horses will run past them.  Everyone else is hiding in the woods, with the hope that the ogres will run right past them.

When the ponies come by, the two ogres on guard in the towers both come down via a knotted rope. They get about half way across the field before they see Lor Kevril. At that point, one of the two runs back to the keep and starts climbing back up the rope. Shiraka casts spiritual weapon on the one that isn’t going back to the keep. Hakah casts Cheetah Sprint and runs to the base of the rope and throws his Chakrum to cut the rope above the ogre’s head. Mira ghosts silently along the tree line to get closer to the ogres. Invisible Pato moves up closer to the ogre. The second ogre runs back toward the rope, and tries to hit Hakah, but misses. The ogre that fell stands up (and gets an attack of opportunity from Hakah), and hits Hakah for 21 points of damage. Shiraka continues to move closer (but is still very far away) and casts another spiritual weapon. Mira moves into the open field (with high stealth), and snuggles up to the ogre from behind. Her high stealth means that she doesn’t take the attack of opportunity, so she does the scout’s charge and gets to add her sneak attack bonus to it. 14 points of damage, and the ogre falls!!

Pato moves up to the other ogre and hits with a bite. Hakah rages and hits with EVERYTHING (and does 44 points of damage). The ogre is still up, but swaying.

Mira gets smacked by a rock that has been thrown from the top of the tower, and it knocks her on her kiester. 

Hroggan shoots an arrow at the standing ogre, who then cuts Pato in half with his great axe, but then misses Hakah. Hakah takes out the ogre, and Iggy summons an air elemental. They throw a rock down but they fail to hit Hakah. Hakah grabs the big ogre and starts dragging him to the edge of the woods. A very large Ogre woman comes out onto the tower and lifts a ballista-sized crossbow in our direction. She fires and nearly splits a tree in half with her bolt. We fall back and regroup.


The next morning, we go back to tracking the stealthy guy’s trail back toward the keep. The trail is well-established and travelled. Very few other tracks are found other than the ogre’s – no other ogres, but there are some human tracks. We know that this tribe is fairly atypical – the leader of the tribe is intelligent (for an ogre), and she has (had! Buah hah hah!) a very large clan around her. They may have established some trade with other species as well, as that was why they approached us, though we are not sure.

As we get closer to the keep, we can see the road as it passes out of the woods, goes through the field, and up the hill, turning into a set of steps and leading to a clearly marked and barred back door. This is not a “secret” entrance that we can use to gain access stealthily. The ogre’s tracks leave the road at the field. They lead to the point where the rope dropped down from the tower last night.

We finally loot the big bully boy: 1 cure moderate potion, and 2 cure light potions, magical dwarven great-axe. We camp out for a couple of nights, collecting stirges in bags and nets. We end up collecting 31 stirges. The lizardmen tells us that both of the nights, the ogres came out. The first night, they just came out and came down, then went back in. The second night, they saw the lizardmen watching and charged them.

Our plan: the lizardmen make it look like they are staging a frontal assault, with one group in the woods and one group in the water. The ogres will come down and charge the lizardmen in the woods, and the lizardmen in the water will release the stirges. We will be on the other side of the keep, and we will attack from the other side.

As we are moving into position, Shiraka sees a dog-sized sider skittering in the trees. Iggy looks and sees it more clearly – it’s not a spider, but rather an 8-legged, 3 eyed aberration cat / crab / spider that is following us. We keep an eye on the thing, but set ourselves up in our stirge-netting. After 2 hours, Hakah and Shiraka get bored and go spider hunting. Not really, but Hakah sees something moving behind us, and Lor Kelvrin sees a group of the spider-things. Before he can say something, though…..Hakah is stalking toward the one that he saw.  Shiraka follows.

They totally attack us. Hakah takes three hits and gets caught in a web, which slows him. Shiraka is not slowed, but is hit twice. Pato is enlarged and comes up and attacks one, but doesn’t take it down. Hakah rages, takes a potion, and moves back 5 ft back. Shiraka casts Protection from Evil and moves toward Hakah. The spider things retreat into the trees, and Pato follows, biting one.

Mira sneaks up and looks for a target, but can’t find one. Lor aims at one and hits it. Hakah readies an action: as soon as one gets close, he’ll attack. Shiraka moves up and heals Hakah. One of the creatures pounces on Pato, and does 8pts of damage. He gets a bite in and does minimal damage. Hakah and Pato are hit with gobs of webbing and get stuck in place. Hakah takes one out as it tries to leap at him. Pato attacks one that is on him, doing 13 pts of damage. Mira shoots at one and hits, with minimal damage. Lor shoots and does 11 pts of damage. Shiraka casts spiritual weapon at the one that Mira hit, and kills it. Hakah shoots, but does not hit. The ones on Pato attack, doing 8 points of damage. The rest of them retreat. Pato attacks the one on him for 13 points. Mira shoots at the one on Pato, but misses. Lor shoots and hits and does another 13 points.

We go back to waiting. We hear the signal from the lizardmen that indicates that the ogres are out, but are not coming down. The stirges have been released.

We start approaching the keep toward the gate, hoping that the lizardmen will be keeping the ogres occupied facing the other direction. As we get closer, we see the gates are open. We wait for 5 minutes, but nothing comes out. We climb the stairs to the base of the wall and see one guard on a tower, holding a javelin and occasionally swatting at something. I cast spiritual weapon at him, and hit, doing 9 points of damage. We see 5 stirges heading toward us and hunker down under our stirge nets. Mira stabs at one with her knife but misses. Hakah squishes on, Pato bites two in half, Shiraka stabs one, and Lor’s snake kills the last one.

Shiraka’s spiritual weapon continues to beat on the guard, while Hakah climbs to the top of the wall, followed by Lor. Lor and Hakah sees an angry dwarf, pacing the grounds and muttering in the courtyard. As the rest of us join those two on the wall, Shiraka assesses the situation and declares that that is an “ex-dwarf”. It is no longer amongst the living. It should be pushing up the daisies. Etc.

We move to the door at the base of the tower. The door doesn’t seem to be trapped, but it is locked. Hakah climbs the tower and comes down to open the door. We search the tower, and there are 3 exits: the door to the wall, the trap door at the top, and the door to the next tower. Mira goes to listen at the door to the next tower, and hears nothing. She jimmies the lock, and opens the door. Hakah rolls into the room – it is RANK! We are now in the second tower. Mira listens at the door and doesn’t hear anything. We go down to the next floor. Lots of detritus in this room, with a door that leads out to the courtyard. We decide to keep checking towers, so we go back up, and over to the next tower. Mira unbars the door, and we go to the third tower. Hakah calls down to the lizardfolk and tells them to start coming up to the keep. We get 12 lizardfolk, armed with either a ranged spear-thrower (atlas) or a longspear as well as blow guns. We all go into the courtyard, keeping our eyes on the arrow slits. We climb into the window into the keep. We end up in an attic space, with a broken trap door that should lead into the main room of the keep. Mira sneaks over to the trapdoor and shoots the ogre that is waiting by the door. It drops. Looks like it’s the same one that was attacked by the spiritual weapon earlier. We search the building but find nothing. The dead ogre has nothing except two empty potion bottles, and the building is empty. We send a lizardman down the well, and he finds an iron grate about halfway down the well, before hitting water. Our ranger goes out to the courtyard and checks the most recent tracks to see where everyone else went. Following the tracks, Mira is able to find a concealed trap door on the base of the watch tower. Hakah pries open the trap door, and hears a mighty THWANG as a ballista unloads at his face. The ogress in the plate mail is in the 40 ft passageway, pointing a ballista at us.


Our original plan: the grate in the well seems to connect to the main underground where the ogres are hiding out. We could try to smoke them out, unless there is an alternate exit. The smoke, as it blows into the lair, may also reveal the presence of an alternate exit.

The current plan: the ogress is reloading her cross bow, taunting us. There is a column in the middle of the passageway that keeps the ogres from coming directly at us.  Lor holds his action, Mira shoots an arrow down the passageway, but misses. Shiraka channels positive energy, and gives everyone 6 more hit points. Iggy gives Hakah a guidance cantrip. Hakah drinks a potion and steps out of the line of fire. Lor shoots and misses.

Hakah gives the smoke sticks to one of the lizard men, and sends another off to find barrels of oil. Others are sent off to find a towershield and a hat. The lizardmen come back with 12 barrels of oil and a strange half-orc. Iggy recognizes him and calls him Victor. He says that Clem sent him after us to lend a hand. The giants start yelling at each other about the smoke that seems to be pouring into a back room, but they don’t seem to be concerned about it. Victor is pretty sure that the smoke sticks aren’t doing much at all.

We talk about what to do, and when we next look down the passage, the ogress is gone. Hakah moves down, and Mira follows. As she passes the column a portacullis drops and separates the two of them from the rest of us. Iggy moves down to be closer to Hakah, and Lor and Hakah try to raise the portacullis.

We hear some low chanting and some evil-looking tenticles come out of the floor. Shiraka throws some holy water on the tenticles, but although there is steam, the tenticles aren’t affected. The ogress reappears and smacks Hakah with a club, doing significant damage! (He’s down to 16 hit points again) Victor casts Burning Arc, but doesn’t do much damage to the ogress. Iggy casts grease at her feet, but she stays up.

Shiraka casts spiritual hammer, but misses. Hakah swings and hits the ogress for 31 points. Mira steps forward and attacks, but misses. Lor shoots and misses. The ogress swings and hits Hakah once, and takes him almost all the way down.  The ogress shouts something, and the priest comes up from behind and heals her. Victor casts burning arc again and hits both the priest and the ogress. Shiraka summons healing energy on everyone, and the spiritual weapons actually hits!

Lor hits with his bow and does significant damage. She decides to withdraw, and she makes it to the door. A barbarian ogre charges out and immediately slips on the grease and falls. Victor casts burning arc and does damage. Shiraka drops the ogress and heals 6 mores hit points on everyone. Iggy enlarges Hakah, and Mira jumps over the downed barbarian and cuts the head off the downed ogress before the shaman can heal her.

Hakah, now enlarged, unleashes all hell’s fury on the prone barbarian (59 points of damage). The prone ogre swings at Mira and hits. The shaman tries casting something on Mira, but it fails. Victor uses his wand of magic missiles and hits the prone barbarian. The spiritual weapon spends its last attack on the prone barbarian, and does 5 points of damage, and then Shiraka heals everyone for 6 hit points.

Hakah moves forward into the smaller room with the Shaman and attacks with his glaive, avoiding the creepy lengthened arms of the holy ogre. There is a glowing amulet around the neck of the ogre that matches the description of the thing that Clem asked for. The Shamen touches Hakah, and Hakah goes into an instant bood frenzy. The Shaman hisses the word, “Kill” and sends Hakah off to kill his nearest ally. Mira runs back to the portcullis and Iggy makes her invisible. Shiraka moves forward and heals Mira. Hakah comes back to the portcullis and stabs Shiraka. Again. Really? Anyway,

Hakah gets another will save, and he realizes what he has done, while his blade is still embedded in her body. “Sorry!” he says. “Again!”

Hakah and Lor lift the portcullis, and Hakah stops raging.

We loot.

<u>Ogress: </u>

full plate armor, made specifically for her

masterwork, ogre-sized great sword.

Magical grey empty sack – Bag of tricks à Going to Iggy

Two potions of cure light wounds à Divvied up

One potion of cure moderate wounds à Going to Victor

<u>Brute 1:</u>

Giant chain shirt

Dwarven keen great axe + 1

4 potions of cure light wounds à Divvied up

1 potion of cure moderate wounds à Going to Mira

Magical Ring of Prot +1 à Going to Shiraka

Magical Cloak of Resistance +1 à Going to Hakah!!


2 potions of cure light wounds à Divvied up

1 potion of fire resistance

1 potion of invisibility

Ring of Alarm

Magical great axe +1

Chain Shirt


We track the bloody shaman into a large room with three doors in it. There are two empty potion bottles and a used scroll in the corner. Victor notices some weak magical auras in one corner filled with debris. Hakah runs back to grab the barrels of oil, and some of the folks back in the room see a vague shimmery shape in the corner. Victor shoots a magic missile at the shape, and Pato pounces on it. It moves, and we block it in a corner and whale on him. Shiraka takes him down with one last hit with her mace. We loot again


Masterwork Breast Plate

Two amulets

              One is black onyx with tentacles: Amulet of the Blooded

              Other is carved of bone and has faint transmutation aura with Shield on it — Nat Armor + 1 à Going to Mira

Very nice greatsword

Two vials – alchemist’s fire.  à One to Iggy and one to Mira

<u>To be sold:</u>

Masterwork Breast Plate

Very nice greatsword

Magical great axe +1

Chain Shirt

full plate armor, made specifically for her

masterwork, ogre-sized great sword.

Giant chain shirt                                                  

Dwarven keen great axe + 1 à Given to Barak



We place the amulet into a bag of holding, and Shiraka takes it. We start to seriously search the bedroom. We have to do a fortitude check just to ENTER the room. There are piles of debris, untreated hides, and garbage. It reeks!

Magical Loot:

Dirty set of chain mail

great axe

light crossbow with a broken string

scale mail

Two iron vials

Magic stick


380 gold pieces

563 silver pieces

“Crap Ton” of copper. (6382)

4 valuable-looking stones (gems)

  • Topaz (450)
  • Sardonx (45)
  • Spinal (50)
  • Jet (110)

Shiraka cleans off the gems and the money with “create water” and places it all into the bag of holding.

The water starts flowing down the room and disappears into a secret door! Mira searches for traps around the door, and finds one. She disarms it, and opens the secret door. It is a small (2.5 feet tall) door that opens into a small tunnel that goes on for about 10 feet and then slopes down. Lor Kevril sends his snake familiar down. He feels annoyance, but the snake comes back unscathed. Mira goes down to investigate further.

Iggy, standing at the doorway to the bedroom hears something “tink tink” behind him. He turns around and there is a magical red ruby on the floor. He picks it up and says, “Hello?”

It replies, “Iggy Stardust. This is the headmaster. You have been summoned before a panel of your peers.” Iggy is startled, but immediately starts to fade. Hakah tries to grab him, but he fades away entirely, leaving the gem behind. Iggy is gone. Hakah and Shiraka reason that Pato must have summoned him away, and he will be returning when Pato is done with him.

Meanwhile Mira continues down the tunnel. She finds a door at the bottom of the slope and tries to open if (after checking for traps). The door opens fairly easily and empties into the kitchen. She calls up to us, telling

Nod-agog is in the outer room. He is one of the lieutenants of the tribe of half-orcs. He says, “Ah HA! I have tracked you down! You must return to answer for your crimes!” Kogan who is a slimy bootlicker following the new god, says, “You are traitors to the tribe!” Shodden, a witch doctor from the tribe who followed Gorum, yells from the back of the group of orcs, “Hakah! Remember that scar I gave you? I am here too!”

Battle ensues.

Shodden intimidates (giving everyone a -2 to attacks), and one of the orcs tries to sneak attack Shiraka. That one misses, but the next orc (a scout named Gringot) shoots a flaming arrow at her and hits. Nod-agog comes forward with his falchion and also misses. Lor Kevril moves up beside Shiraka and attacks but misses. Mira comes back from the kitchen and sees what’s going on. Hakah describes our ally to the elves so they don’t attack him. The priest from the tribe comes out and casts a spell at Hakah, but Hakah shakes it off. The next orc scout comes out and tries to sneak attack Shiraka as well, but misses and drops his weapon.

Shodden comes out and casts a cloud of pollen on the group of orcs, nauseating all of them. Shiraka casts Spiritual Weapon on the priest guy and does some damage. The orcs start to flee. One of them runs into the arms of the lizard men who are coming to our aid. Others back away from the combat. Lor Kevril attacks one, and Hakah moves into melee with two.  Mira moves forward to sneak attack but misses. Shodden puts one to sleep, and Shiraka casts spiritual weapon on one of the scouts. The orcs continue to flee into the arms of the lizard men. The shaman runs the other way, down a flight of stairs toward the kitchen. Lor Kevril runs after the shaman, followed by Hakah. The shaman flees down a hallway that has a door at the end. He tries to open the door and is fried by an arc of electricity that jumps from the runes above to door through his body.

Shiraka is looting the dead scout and rogue who were taken out by the lizard men.

<u>Dead scout:</u>

Flaming composite bow

Studded Leather armor

Pouch with 56 gold and 22 silver and 22 copper


<u>Dead Rogue: </u>

Short sword

Bunch o’ daggers

Average leather armor

Two flasks – neither of which are cure light wounds  (one might be invisibility, the second one is an oil, with a flaming sword scratched on the side of the flask)

21 gold pieces


<u>From Shaman:</u>

Scrolls with 5 spells on them

Darts (regular)


Two flasks of alchemist fire

Unholy symbol, made of wood and bone – Urgatho – god of death, strength and war.

2 gold pieces


<u>From Lieutenant:</u>

75 gold pieces

2 magic arrows

Nice long bow (strength)

Nice hide armor (masterwork)


Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Masterwork falchion


<u>Surrendered Thug</u>

Nice short sword

123 gold pieces


Leather armor

Potion of invisibility


The lieutenant challenges Hakah to honorable one on one combat. They battle and Hakah is triumphant. We tell the thug that he can go, and he flees.

Mira goes to open the door that fried the shaman. She takes a long time, but the trap that we know is there eventually clicks off. Inside the room is a huge well with a chain hanging down and some buckets around the floor, and spiral stairs going down the inside. Some of the buckets have some flakes of pyrite in them. Hakah starts climbing down the chain, while the rest of us come down the stairs. Just above (5 ft) the level of the water is a 5ft wide tunnel. We go down the tunnel about 100ft before it opens up into a triangle-shape room. There are three tunnels exiting this room, and some crates and boxes along one wall.

In the crates, there are some ingots, some bags of powder, and some rocks, all of which are pyrite. We decide not to take all the pyrite. We go down the smaller of the tunnels. It ends after 15 feet, where it looks like the dwarves stopped mining. We look at another tunnel and it ends in another pyrite mine. There is a barred door. Hakah opens the door – there are stairs going down that end at a dock in a cavern with a boat tied to it. We go back up and follow the third passageway. There is a deliberate cave in at the end. We dig out the cave in and find an elven skeleton in the rubble.

<u>Elf Skeleton:</u>

Scroll case


Masterwork Breastplate with the insignia of the High Noble House of the Drow.


We go back to the boat. We get in and start paddling. The body of water opens up. We cannot see the far edge of the cavern where (presumably) another entrance. We see a ripple in the water, so we head back toward the dock. As we enter the smaller cavern, we see a gelatinous shape squeezing through the opening. We do a tactical redeployment back up the stairs and bar the door.


Victor remembers what that thing might be: Giant subterranean amoeba – hates fire, bases, and dislikes cold. Given its size, it’s probably highly dangerous.

Everyone gets 93 gold, 83 silver

We go back and search the kitchen to see if we missed anything. We don’t find anything of value. We take the cookbooks and 20 vials that used to hold herbs and spices. We go to a room that we haven’t explored: the barracks. We find a couple of pouches with some coins in them – 73 silver, 122 copper, 30 gold à into the party kitty:

 As of today, the party kitty has the following:

298 gold, 77 silver, 122 copper, 655 gp worth from 4 gems

  • Topaz (450)
  • Sardonx (45)
  • Spinal (50)
  • Jet (110)

The door on the opposite side of the barracks does not seem to be trapped. It’s an old door – on its last legs (“Doors don’t have legs! Clams do”)

The stench on the other side of the door is completely different than the previous stenches– it’s a latrine!

Victor goes around looking for magic items that might have been thrown into the latrines. The center latrine has more of a wooden structure around it – more like a throne. As Victor approaches it, the structure morphs and wraps around him. It’s a mimic! Hakah grabs his feet, so the mimic does not pull him in.

We roll for initiative!

Mira attacks the thing wrapped around Victor with her sword. Her sword gets stuck! Lor Kevril shoots and arrow at it, but misses. Victor tries to break free, but fails Hroggan shoots at the creature twice with a crossbow and hits. Hakah pulls Victor out of the mimic, and it sinks back down into the latrine.

Hakah drags Victor into the next room, and Shiraka follows to heal him. Shodden also comes out. Mira pulls out a flask of alchemist’s fire to throw down after the mimic, but as she pulls out the flask, there is an explosion. FOOM! She, Hroggan, and Lor dodge and such, so they are only lightly singed. We pour down a barrel of oil and set it on fire to clear out the other organic waste before we continue to search for magic items. The fires burn for 30 minutes, and then we go look for more magic items.

Victor uses mage hand to reach down to where his detect magic identified stuff. There are three small sources of magic — one wand, a potion vial, and a ring. Shiraka creates water and cleans everything off. Victor identifies them

Wand of Mage Hand  à Goes to Shadden

Potion of Hide from Undead à Goes to Mira

Ring of Stone Tell à Goes to Victor

We go back up to talk to the lizardmen – they do not know why the dwarves were looking for pyrite. We ask them if they can trade any poison to us for our copper?

List of things to sell:

Short Bow (from Mira)

+1 studded leather armor

Short sword X 2

Leather armor

+1 chain mail (from Shiraka)

Masterwork Hide Armor

Dagger X 2

Leather Armor


Mira and Victor go talk to the angry dwarf ghost. He is pacing back and forth in the courtyard, gesturing and muttering to himself. Reading his lips, Victor can see that it’s talking about “Mother something Ogres. Get out of my keep!” etc. Victor is very shaken, watching it. The ghost seems to be dressed in Ceremonial Armor, and his head keeps flashing back and forth between being normal and being half-crushed as if by a huge club.

Victor approaches in the human-seeming cloak, disguised as a human. Mira is with him. He says, “Hello! Would you like to trade?” Victor says, “We actually came to aid. We have slaughtered some Ogres in the area.”
“Ogres??!!!” The dwarf screams (DC 16 Will Save). Mira panics and runs away from the dwarf as fast as she can. After the scream, the dwarf looks confused, and says, “Hello! Would you like to trade?”

Victor asks about mining pyrite. They mine pyrite to help make sulfuric acid. They did have some issues with Drow, but he died about 15 years ago. Victor then asks about natural cave formations. The dwarf talks about the underground lake, but he doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of the giant amoeba.

We pick one of the cleaner rooms and rest.

We go to the electric-trap door and throw an orc body at it to disarm the trap. We get to the bottom of the well, and go for the place where we cleared out the cave-in.

We move past the place of the cave in, and are moving through a 5 ft passage.  The passage comes to a door to a room. Inside the room is a mound of dwarven bodies. They look like they are only a few months old. Mira turns back and says, “There are a whole bunch of dwarven bodies here!!”

Way to be sneaky, rogue girl.

At the sound of her voice, the bodies start to moan and move around.

We retreat back to the triangle room, and the zombies start after us, going one by one through the narrow passageway. We fight. They die….again. They are healing as we fight them. The rangers, who have all specialized in undead, say that these are undead called “cadavers”. They will regenerate unless hit by bless or a channeling force.

We move on – the room where the bodies were has some broken jars that used to hold sulfuric acid. There are some unbroken jars as well. There are also some pouches of pyrite dust. Mira goes on to look for traps at the other entries.  

We move on to searching the other rooms. Mira opens one door down the passage marked “Main Thoroughfare” and a shadowy, ghostly, dwarven-shaped creature leaps out at Mira.

Lor Kevril moves in to attack and swings with his sword. His sword swishes through the shadowy area, and the thing definitely reacts, but it is difficult to say whether or not it has been damaged. Its eyes glow with baleful red fire. Hroggan shoots it with an arrow, and Shiraka channels energy at it. Mira swings and hits with her sword. It attacks Lor Kevril and he loses 3 Con, and takes 3 damage. Lor attacks back and does some damage. Shiraka channels again, and almost takes it out. It attacks Lor again, takes away 3 , and more con. Lor attacks back and takes it out. Given its method of attack, it must be a wraith!



The room has six beds and six footlockers. Most of the footlockers had clothing in dwarven sizes, a hammer polishing kits, and 2 platinum pieces, 30 gold pieces, 110, silver, and 155 copper pieces. We move across the way to the two doors there. The first of the two is a broom closet. The second is locked and barred but our genius of a thief picks the lock and removes the bar from our path. On the other side of the door is a short hallway that seems to open up into a bigger room. From the doorway, we can see boots on the ground that are around the feet of a very dead dwarf.

Mira sneaks into the room and sees that this is a bed room with a weapons rack, a bed, a chest, and a bookshelf. There is a dead dwarf lying on the floor holding a very nice axe and there is a parchment on the floor. Mira tries reading it, but can’t quite make it out. The parchment is disintegrating in her hand.

Victor comes in and detects magic. There is a magic shield, something magical in his pouch, and something else magical beneath him. There is also a small magical jeweler’s hammer, which we take. We roll the skeleton off the magical heavy steel shield and take it. We also take the holy symbol (which is magical), the gold from his pouch (107 gp) and a potion. There is nothing else of value in the room.

We leave the room and go down the stairs to a hallway with very smooth walls and ceilings. The hallway branches – looking down the halls, they look like they get rougher and less worked. We move forward and Shodden starts sneaking ahead. We can hear rocks grinding against each other. Shodden spies a Xorn, a creature that eats gems and ores. We decide that it might have some information that we could use. We talk to him and get a map, and trade some pyrite dust for some items (wand, scroll case, three potions, and a buckler +1).

We soldier on, exploring the tunnels of this mine. There are signs: Fort Kelst (pointing back where we came) and Iron Hills (pointing forward). Every 15 or 20 feet, there is a side corridor. Potions of jump and nature’s grace, scroll of something else. 

Most of the side tunnels are only 15-20 feet long, but Shodden heads down one that is longer. In the dark darkness, he sees some darker darknesses standing over the remaining piles of what were once butchered dwarves. These shadow dwarves head toward him – he flees, throwing a vial of alchemist’s fire over his shoulder. Shiraka is waiting for them, but they go first. They swarm the group, attacking, leeching the strength from anyone they touch. A knowledge religion check tells us that these must be shadows. We battle, and they start to fall. Unfortunately, we are doing fairly poorly as well. Hroggan hits with his magical crossbow, and Mira does some damage as well. Shiraka’s second channel takes out the rest of the shadows.

We continue on, until we come to a 15ft pool of water. We decide to bag that line of exploration and take a different side tunnel. In the side of the hallway, we see a large dwarven door. Ahead of us we see a glowing square in the wall. There are runes carved into the door that don’t look like they are very healthy for us. The runes say that they were carved 150 years ago, and they say, “Dwarves, don’t go here!” Mira moves forward to the glowing square in the wall – it’s actually an intersection. There are some tracks in the dust in the hallway that our hall lets into. The new hall is 20 feet wide. To the left, we can go 20 feet before we hit a cave in.  Below the glowy thing is a sign in Dwarvish pointing to the left saying “Timere”, and to the right saying, “Iron Hills”. Shodden casts a Know History spell on the dust in the new hallway.


We decide that there is nothing else down here of interest so we head back up to the keep. We spend a day there and cast Restorations. We decide on a name for our party: “The Claw of St. Fang”. We sew the hands of the ogres onto a dried ogre skin and fly it from the top of the keep. After a few days, we decide to sneak out of the keep to avoid alerting the spiders in the woods. We get to our boat, load the copper and the ogre heads, and get in to our boat. We get out onto the delta and set up our stirge nets. The lizard men say that the big boat will be around tomorrow. We set up a fire and hang out.

The next day, the boat shows up and the steersmans offers to take us back to Dunwar for 1 gold apiece. We pay him….in copper. (mark off 400 copper from the party kitty)

We meet with a sentry and he goes off to check with the captain.

We deliver the heads and get our money: 700gps.

Party Kitty as of now: (includes 107 gold from dead dwarf and money from the barracks)

Barak and Mira go out on reconnaissance. They confirm that Clem is not evil or good or chaotic or lawful. We all go out to meet with him.

We talk to our “boss”, and we tell him that we don’t want to sell him the amulet because it is associated with a cult that has been hunting us. He asks us about the cult, we describe the idol, and he recognizes it. He calls it the Cult of the Elders.  We decide to go back and talk about what to do with the amulet. We decide to chip off a piece of the amulet so that we can track to whereever it goes. He is going to talk to his contacts to see if there is any Cult of the Elders activity in the area.

We go to a nice inn for the evening. Barack disguises us as Pearl Jam. The room is 15 gold for the evening. We get 10 gold worth of roast pig and ale.

We meet with Clem in the morning, and sell the amulet for 10,000 gold in 10 1000 gp diamonds. Clem gives us another task: there is a mage who has settled into the old abandoned town – he is a necromancer who has set up in this town as his home base, and he has a blood stone in a silver setting. The client wants that blood stone. He will give us 5000 gold for the delivery of this blood stone.

We wait outside the shop disguised as street cleaners – 30 minutes later, we see a kid run out of the shop. Mira and Barak follow the kid while Hakah and Shiraka stay outside the shop keeping an eye on it. The kid goes up to the wall to the nobility section, waves at the guards and moves through. Mira and Barak go through the gate as well, still disguised as street cleaners. He goes up to one of the wealthiest mansions and gains entry to it. Well, now we know what building it was…

Shiraka and Hakah keep watching. A “questionable” looking guy comes out of the alley and slips into the shop. Looks like he does a lot of business with the local thieves’ guild.

Barack bribes one of the kids that has made deliveries to the noble’s house to tell him about who lives here. The boy says that this is Duchess Tristan’s house: She is the Duchess of Lomar. We wonder if she might have one of those temples in her basement.

As typical innocent people would, we go shopping. We sell the following:

magical studded leather armor (+1)

Masterwork great club

full plate armor, made specifically for her

masterwork, ogre-sized great sword

Masterwork Breast Plate

Giant chain shirt

Magical jewelers hammer

Heavy steel shield


We get 5250 gp from the whole lot – the most valuable things are the hammer and the armor. We parcel out the funds, giving everyone 1100 gold.


In the party kitty, we now have the following:

2 pt, 0 gold,  0 silver, 2 copper, 9 1000 gp diamonds,  545 gp worth from 3 gems

  • Topaz (450)
  • Sardonx (45)
  • Spinal (50)


That night, we go to the Naked Hare where we have free room and board. The next morning, we go back to see Clem. As we approach the pawn shop, there is a large number of city militia clustered around Clem’s shop.

Uh oh - Clem is dead. We talk to one of the miltia-types, named Nils, sans Lor Kevril who would have probably started foaming at the mouth and gnawing on the soldier’s leg, and he is very interested in hearing about the evil cult who has been following us around and trying to kill us for no particular reason. We gave him enough information until he called the captain over. The captain’s name is Phinney.


He calls over Cathlin, a woman who is wearing the cloak of a battle sorcerer. We scare the bejeezus out of her and she goes away. He assigns Cathlin, a dwarven female wizard, and a soldier to chaperone us. Mira, Shodden, Hakah, and Hroggan go in, while Shiraka stays outside. Instantly, they all feel a strong aura of evil in the room. There are still pieces of Clem scattered across the room.  Hroggan casts detect evil. Where Clem’s guards (Timone and Pumba) would have been standing, there are strong necromantic shadows. There is spatter pattern in the human remains that emanates from where Clem would probably have been standing.

Mira looks for traps, and sees holes in the counters where a crossbow could have been set up. There is also a trap door in the floor. There are remnants from the shadow plane in the corners where Clem’s guards might have been, and it looks like there was a portal to the shadow plane that opened up behind the counter.

Shodden casts a spell that allows him to see the events in a certain place.

Clem has three sacks on the table. He is sorting gold, and writing in a notebook, and he takes out the amulet that we sold him and puts it into a sack. The kid who brought the message to the Duchess come by and tells Clem that she would be sending her man Rafken by tomorrow with the money (25,000 gold) for the amulet. The kid also asks about the next item on the list (Blood Stone), and Clem says that he has his “best team” on it. The kid leaves.

Next, the sketchy guy comes by and says that there is some strange stuff going on in the town. Beggers are going missing, etc. He says that he’s feeling a little nervous, like someone has been watching him. Clem berates the guy for just coming by here. Clem tells him to go see Venn, and Venn will straighten him out. The guy is not happy with that idea, but he leaves.

Clem continues doing inventory, pulling things out of the cabinet behind the counter. Timone warms him that someone is coming, and Clem puts everything away. A well-dressed man comes in, with a silk suit, a cape, gloves, long shoulder length blonde hair, and a Van Dyke (not a goatee). He is carrying a cane with an octopus on the cane. He says, “Good day, my good man! I have heard that I can talk to you about acquiring certain hard-to-find items.”

This man OOZES aristocracy. “I am Lord Telestra, and I have several items that I would like to discuss.”

Clem says, “If I don’t have it, I can certainly find it! What do you need?”

“The first item, I know you already have in your possession. It is an amulet, black and red, on a silver chain.”

Clem: “You’ll have to talk to my other client. That item has already been paid for in part.”

They continue discussion.

“The second item is a group that I hear have been working for you. They are half-orcs, and I want to know where to find them.”

Clem says, “I don’t know who you are talking about. I don’t know where they are.”

“The third thing I want is the name of your client who bought the amulet.”

“I can’t do that.”

“You won’t help me in any of my ventures?”

“I wish I could! Please let me know what I can do for you!”

“Well, there are three other things that I want here. Your SOULS!”

Immediately, the two guards are grabbed by shadowy tendrils and pulled into the walls of the corners. A large dark pillar made up of mouths rises up behind Clem and engulfs him, subsequently erupting into blood and gore. The noble stays completely clean as he goes behind the counter, takes the three bags, and leaves. In the morning, a young “roguish” young woman comes in, screams a little, and runs out. The miltia comes in 10 minutes later, and they clean out many of the items in that room.


When the spell is over, they go to the back room and find the body of a dwarven woman. She is one of Clem’s guards as well.

We go out and talk to Captain Phinney. He explains the rules to us, and then deputizes us. Idiot.

As we are getting our papers, a young woman comes over. She is the same rogue that came into the shop this morning! We ask her if she would like to contribute to her father’s resurrection. She says that she may need to talk to some creditors, but she should be able to come up with the 5000 gp for the resurrection spell.

We head over to the temple of Pelor and describe the manner of death to the priest there. She goes off to see if his soul is available to return, and she says that they will be able to cast the spell tomorrow, but that they will need the full 10,000 gp before they can cast it.

We decide to go talk to the Duchess Tristan of Lomar. We tell the butler that we are on militia business and that we have a message from Clem. She agrees to see two of us with Cathlin. Hroggan and Mira and Cathlin go in.

She agrees to send 5000 gp to the temple for Clem’s resurrection. We tell her that she can send messages to us at the Naked Hare. She tells us that if we retrieve the Blood Stone, she would be willing to pay us 5000 gold.

We go back and go see Venn. As she comes to the door, she tries to look more vulnerable and less competent. She tells us that she has the money and has sent it to the temple. The resurrection has been been set for noon.

We go to the Dragon Claw. It’s a cop bar. It’s a boring night.

Next morning, we go to the temple. Clem is resurrected, but as soon as we wakes, he lapses back into unconsciousness, and the priest is very concerned. It seems that his soul is not all the way back. The Pelorians take him away to care for him.

We decide to go off to the Necromancer. We “ditch” Caithlin and catch the boat out to the swamp.

We go to the Naked Hare to get Lor Kevril. When we get there, we get a message from the Duchess saying that she has gotten information about a Cult that is moving into the city. She will get more information for us, but in the meantime she thinks we should go get the Blood Stone.

We go to the docks to charter a boat and talk to the dockmaster. We pay our fee, and then Hakah asks if the guy needs anyone beaten up. As a matter of fact, he does! There is a boat on the docks that is most probably a pirate ship. Go beat them up.

So, we do?

Magic Items:

<u>From Captain</u>
Chain Shirt
Potion of Eagle Splendor
Potion with an eye on it


Magic Buckler
Magic Studded Leather – given to lizard folk

Cash: 65 pt + 685 gold + 1290 silver



The dockmaster introduces us to Captain Scott, someone who can bring us down river “with any questions asked”.

There is a half orc in armor standing at the helm, and he asks if we are the clowns that have been sent to him for a trip down to the swamp. We agree to go down for 1 gold apiece. (7 gold out of party kitty).

We start sailing down. Sharika heals everyone up. We notice that the boat seems to be sailing itself, the power is tied to the bandanna that the captain is wearing. We ask the captain about the village of Kelst. He says that the rumor mill has it that somebody moved in there about 15 years ago, and now evil walks the night. He says that every so often supplies have been delivered from Dunwar City.

We get to the same outcropping that we landed on before. At some point the lizard folk arrive and we give them the magical suit of studded leather for safe passage through the swamp. They bring the barge and bring up to the base of the dwarven fort. We decide to spend the night there.  We grind up 1250 silver pieces to get the materials for 5 Bless Water spells.

The next morning, the lizard men tell us that something with no faces and no eyes but vaguely humanoid came up to the wall from the woods. When we look at the tracks, it’s clear that they were staring right at where we were sleeping through the walls. The lizard men threw spears at them, and some of the spears that we see are rotted. We follow the tracks, but they fade away. They fade away at the EXACT SAME PLACE where we fought the spiders in the wood. We decide to spend another night at the fort.

During the day, we dig a HUUUUUUGE pit, with spikes in it, and we hang anvils over the pit. We hang out near the pit that night.

At midnight exactly, the elves see 6 creatures walking toward us through a greenish purplish haze….as soon as they actually gain mass, 5 of the 6 fit all into the pit. 

These are definitely evil outsiders. Beat their butts!

They are all prone in the pit. Shiraka prepares to cast Protection from Evil on everyone. Shodden casts a spell that causes the mud and stone in the pit to entangle them and knock them over. We start shooting the fish in the barrel. We drop the anvils and shoot and keep trying to damage them.

They all fall, and we see a figure in a cowl holding open the portal. Shakah throws his chakrah , but misses.

The next night (yeah, this thing has pissed us off), we have lizard men at the portal site, and we are on the top of the wall. Midnight arrives, and we see a giant flash of purple light, and lizard men start screaming. A giant (colossal!!!) spider is running around in the woods, killing every tree that it brushes against. (Yay, deforestation!). We tell all the lizard men around us to run for the swamp, and we prepare to do battle.

We cast magic weapon on the Ballista, and Shriaka starts collecting spiritual weapons. We continue to fire the ballista, and it becomes clear that we cannot hit the giant critter. We retreat. We run and run and run. It’s scary and we don’t like it.

We go down into the dwarven passages where we found the Xorn.  We talk to the Xorn, and he tells us about dark shadowy fleshy things that have been hanging around. He leads us to them – past a giant marble staircase, where we see many small shapes fleeing and hiding. Hakah hears them talking, “Intruders! Hide the women and children!”

<< lots of stuff happens, but I’m not paying attention. I’m tired. >>

Hakah and Shadden talk to the Kobald. They seem to be getting a good relationship going. He agrees to lead us to the Iron Hills. 


On the way to the trading post, we will be passing through the Market Place (owned / operated) by an ancient dragon.

We have two options: safe, longer path (5 days) or shorter, more dangerous path (2 days). We decide to act like bait. Yay!

We go back down to the big wide path. It’s 20 feet wide, and arched. Clearly of dwarven manufacture, but falling apart. In some places blocks are falling out of the wall, and each brick is expertly tooled and smooth. Every 100ft, there are either remnants of glowing stones or places where a stone has been pried out. There are fissures in the walls and side passages every so often.

At one point we hear something like a lizard-like dog ahead of us, and some additional ones to the sides of us. We decide to FIGHT!

Hakah moves into the center of the room and is attacked by three screaming attacks. We attack back, and one of the three sound hounds runs off yelping. The fight continues, we almost lose most of the party, but we’re ok (thank you, hero points!!). The two adults put up more of a fight, but we (eventually) take them down.

We then track down the juvenile who ran off in the initial battle. We loot the debris!

36 Pt, 235 Gold, 544 silver, 2156 copper, Potion, scroll tube, really nice chain shirt (magical), great axe, and long sword, and gem (magical)

We move to the next tunnel. Nothing of interest there….We camp.

We move on the next morning! We have a pretty uneventful trip – a few times, we see “things” slinking back into the shadows, having decided not to attack. The kobald stops and listens fairly often.

About 100 yds ahead, we see a fire in the middle in the pathway, with “large shapes” moving around it. Mira moves ahead to scout. The “large shapes” are roughly humanoid, about 7 ft tall, with another humanoid on a spit over the fire. There are 4 around the fire, with another unknown quantity. We approach with Victor acting as the diplomat. They turn out to be cave trolls. They ask us for 5 gold, and we ask for the experience points that we will get with their BLOOD!

We fight. Hakah casts ice storm on them, and they take issue with it. One bites Hakah, and the others move into melee. Victor casts burning arc along the line, and Mira takes out the one in the middle. “The Boss” comes out – it’s a hill giant! We kick the Hill Giant’s tookus, and LOOT!


Hakah takes some of the Cave Troll and Hill Giant body parts.


  • 119 Gold
  • 347 silver
  • 1029 copper
  • 7 gems (I40 gp, 80gp, 35gp, 60gp, 7gp, 500gp)
  • Magical Plate Mail (full plate +1)
  • Javelin of lightening Shodden
  • Three scrolls – bless, silent image, mage armor

Mira searches around some more, and finds a loose stone under the giant’s bed.

Under the stone, we find 5 rings, one is magical (Ring of Alertness à Mira). There is a magic stone (Stone of Alarm à Shodden), 10 more gems (400 gp, 450gp, 50 ,110, 80, 45, 50, 120, 8,550), and 328 gold.

We stay at the campsite over night, so we can get spells back. After about 6 hours, we see 5 figures approaching down the path. 4 are wearing leather aromor and carry great axes, with bull heads. The 5th one is also a minotaur, but he has scaled skin. Victor sees a holy symbol of Azmodeus on the 5th minotaur. We battle….the priest is half-fiend. Jerk! Shiraka starts the conflict off with Protection from Evil, which turns out to be a good idea, as much of what he does is mind-affecting (to which we are now immune). We take out the minions, and then focus on the big bad guy. Shodden casts web against him, and then Hackah has him against the ropes.


Headband of Inspired Wisdom à Shiraka

Elixer of Hiding

Pouch with 330 gold pieces (minions + priest)

Small Jade Idol – similar to the other one – we store it in holy water.

Holy symbol to be melted down – also being stored in holy water

From minions: Masterwork Great Axe, Masterwork leather armor

We stay for the rest of the day in the small cave where the Hill Giant laired. We regain our spells, and move on to the gate to the marketplace.

We approach the main gates to a “cavern”, at least a mile across! There is a pillar in the center of the cavern reaching from floor to ceiling, with stairs and windows and such carved into it. There is an archway in the middle of the square, carved into the shape of a dragon’s mouth.  There are 10 grey dwarves in blue armor and stylized dragon head helmets. We speak to one and he says that there is a 1gp / person entry fee – we give him 60 silver.

Our plans involve going to see the Dwarven Embassy, but we will reconvene later.


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